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We are in the heart of Granada Altiplano, in Galera. We are in the heart of Granada Altiplano. Culture argarica sitting area around Castellon Alto, brought agriculture and primary bronze after the Phoenicians Winch, currency, alabaster goddesses; They created Tutugi town, city tumuli funerary monuments that remained for over 800 years. Later, the Romans also settled and created the Romanian municipality, which followed the Arab town of Galira built about 300 meters from the existing one.

In addition, enjoy this wealth archaeological, they can come into our park natural (Natural Park of Sierra of Castril or the Natural Park of Sierra de Baza) in Sierra de La Sagra, enjoy the cultural richness of our peoples or simply stroll through its streets and enjoy a juicy top in any of our bars or a traditional dish of lamb segureño in our restaurants.




Huescar has an equity value of excellent quality, resulting from natural road linking the Levantine, Murcia and Almeria Andalusia ground inland.

The most emblematic buildings of the city are Collegiate Church of Santa Maria, elected one of the 7 wonders of Granada Monastery of Santo Domingo, Dominican Church, Tower of Homage and San Francisco Monastery. It is highly recommended to walk through the center of Huescar and enjoy their villas granted coats of arms of families to whom they belonged, and approaching Rodriguez Penalva Park with large trees in its more than 800 meters in perimeter.




was discovered in 1983, is more and better information provided in Spain, on culture Argar such as burial customs (buried their dead in a fetal position and accompanied freight serious consist of pottery, weapons, etc ..), housing, etc .. also has been known that reached a great job handling esparto, linen, wool and other crafts, such as bone.In 2002 he found a tomb with a mummified individual part, the second oldest mummy in Europe, which is one of the most important archeological achievements in recent years.

Oil field is located in the most visited locations in Andalusia, the oldest, was also chosen from one of the 7 wonders of Granada, with the Collegiate Church of Santa Maria de Huéscar. To take a guided tour can be arranged by appointment Galera Museum - 958 739 276.




This route has access to the suggestions Castril where the river rises in a majestic scenery scree, canyons and high rocky walls. First you need to reach Cortijos del nacimiento, once there must be a bridle path which initially runs along a metal fence of a building recently built.

About 500 meters continue along a path that continues along the center channel eclectic, requiring caution. The landscape is incredibly beautiful, the route length is approximately one hour (2600 m), and the difficulty is low, making it one of the best tours to make the Altiplano of Granada.




River Castril, through Pena in the town that bears his name, opens a spectacular way. A short track, walk, passing through bridge over the river, hung on a hillside that looks spectacular scenery, landscape mode Castril River as it passes through this area.Way beauty travel takes us on the podium at the same bridge we passed through a suspension bridge to reach the tunnels ancient hydroelectric lead us to the end of the tour, where we got to meet with waters and gentle river he accompanied us on the sidewalk.

Catwalk Castril River is an incredibly beautiful ride, a distance of no more than 15-20 minutes, you can enjoy nature at the most beautiful expression of the whole family, whatever their background.




The building is adjacent to the most significant Huescar Collegiate Church of Santa Maria Maggiore (National Monument), recognized as one of the 7 wonders of Granada. Temple of the scale Gothic-Renaissance cathedral from the early sixteenth century. Collegiate Church of Santa Maria rises impressively, chair and offering city Huescar, while an interior full of cultural and artistic wealth, its vaults, choir, altar or shrine enhance the value of this landmark buildings.

Is one of many attractions that Orce the Altiplano of Granada and a visit worth the effort to get to know and enjoy. Collegiate has received numerous awards for its architectural value, cultural, traditional and monumental.




Opened in 2001, the collection we can see centuries of history, not only Galera, but along the Altiplano of Granada.

The tour begins on the first floor with a walk in prehistory recent Altiplano and then we introduce identity and culture Argar Bronze Age. In this floor are exposed remnants of Galera known Momi, found at the site of Castellón Alto. We will continue downstairs, dedicated Iberians, Roman periods. Finally, in the basement we can enjoy a space dedicated to relive our recent past, with three spaces dedicated to wine, Esparto and cave houses. Important visit that you not to be missed, for more information (+34) 958 739 276.




Fuencaliente in Orce, allowed natural spring bath and a natural pool located near the river, along the road between Orce and Galera. Natural spring of Fuencaliente is enabled for the bathroom, where you can enjoy rest and recreation in water in a natural pool a fountain where water no longer flows.

Fuencaliente in Orce is a pool with natural water finds its renewal, ensuring hygiene and where we can enjoy a dip in a lake in a natural spring and share splash or swim with fish that inhabited the spring.




It is one of the emblems of Galera, the Iron Bridge over 80 meters long was built entirely of iron in the early twentieth century. It sits on four pillars of ashlar to come to improve transit between the region of Huéscar and the rest of the province.

Actually it used as a promenade and pedestrian connection between two parts of the town, forming one of the most unique rides all that can be done in Galera.




The Sagra is the highest peak of the mountains and Altiplano of Granadino-sudbetica. With a height of 2,383 meters above sea level, this is a perfect place to enjoy hiking and relaxing. It is the highest mountain outside the Andalusian Sierra Nevada. The views from the summit are breathtaking all Altiplano of Granada, Sierra Seca, Sierra of Castril and Sierra of Cazorla.

It is a pristine mountain bordering the natural park of Sierra de Castril and Cazorla. In it we find impressive redwoods, giant trees, the largest in Europe. Mountain Sagra is a natural refuge for species such as Griffon Vulture, Adder, Bonelli's eagle, wildcat, real owl, hare or wild boar. In times of zeal and bellowing it is a great place to enjoy the deer and mountain goats.




La Villa de Orce is made for Orce and three districts, Fuente Nueva, Sale Micena and Pozo of the Rueda. Place rich archaeological where he met a man named Orce and the first traces of human settlements in Europe, so-called early colonists from Europe.

Torres is the Alcazaba 7 post-Caliphate, contemporary Homage tower was built and rebuilt castle in the sixteenth century after an earthquake. It is a tower of about twelve meters square base side to be gradually reduced until the end. Tower of Homage holds municipal museum created in 1987, it contains a complete collection of pieces from various sites in the city.




Orce Museum was founded in 1987, ranking first in the Alcazaba in July Torres, where he remained for over a decade. Currently Palace is in Segura, one of the most emblematic buildings Orce, which gives two reasons for your visit to know and enjoy its archaeological contents inside the palace. The museum houses still great value and makes us a tour of prehistory in our region.

Among the remains that can be found in the museum are the remains of the famous man Orce, the piece of skull that appears to be the oldest hominid found in Europe and could prove it was in this area of Granada, where they men first met in Europe.

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